I was barely ten years old. Maybe that’s why I remember that day so clearly. As a child there are moments that are etched in your mind, whatever the reason.


It was cold and the little light that slipped through the blind of my room came from that old street lamp that, even today, stands watch in front of my parents’ house. It was too early, but my dad woke me up excited with a smile that didn’t take long to infect me:

Alberto, come! You have to see this!


Because of the cold and the rush of his words, I completely forgot that a few seconds ago I was sleeping pleasantly. I ran to the closet to find my best coat while the Renault 8 engine was stretching next to the porch. I went down the stairs three by three and jumped into the co-driver’s seat.


What is it, father? Where are we going?

The vineyard Alberto, we have to get there before dawn!


That only heightened my curiosity, although I chose not to insist. We were a couple of kilometers away from the vineyard, so I dropped myself on the backrest and closed my eyes, imagining hundreds of thousands of finals that would never surpass the real one.


The car stopped and I knew the early morning was worth it. The night had been especially cold up there and a shimmering blanket of virgin snow completely covered the vines. I have never experienced the same sunrise. It was then, in front of the vineyard and next to my father, when he awoke what had already become my true passion.

The Beginning


It was 2006 when those childhood dreams came true. At the height of the restructuring of the Spanish vineyard, many of the family’s vineyards had already been uprooted and replanted with new varieties of vines, at that time misnamed “improvers”. In this inevitable context, around six hectares of old vineyards, cared for decades by the hands of my father, grandfather and great-grandfather, were sentenced to death.


It was then that I decided to take over and undertake this new project, taking charge of a small part of the land to work it according to my way of understanding wine.


There, in just a couple of plots whose days were numbered, I discovered a new and stimulating part of my life: SENTENCIA