Village of Los Pedrones (Requena)


Los Pedrones, the place where I was born and grew up, is today the epicentre of our project, the place where our small winery is located and where we cultivate the largest area of vineyards, around 8 ha.


This village is located in the S.E. area of the Utiel-Requena. It is the border of this region with Cofrentes to the south, and Cortes de Pallas to the east. In addition, it is a natural border for different reasons: the Cabriel river, its confluence with the Jucar river, as well as the forest that occupies most of the territory. This factor allows warmer summers than in the rest of the region, and is a determining factor in the smallholder structure of the crops.


We have a Mediterranean climate, with an important continental influence. The annual rains usually oscillate between 300 and 450mm.


The cultivation of the vines is situated around 700 meters above sea level. The traditional varieties are Bobal, Garnacha and Royal, on soils of sedimentary origin formed during the tertiary and quaternary periods, composed mainly of lacustrine miocene limestones, sands and loams on the hills, and grey clays and gypsum in the valleys.